Now the '10 + 2' no '5 + 3 + 3 + 4' system will run in schools

Although there are many differences between the new education policy 2020 and 1986 education policy, the biggest difference is that now '5 + 3 + 3 + 4' system will be replaced in schools instead of '10 +2 '. Similarly, many major changes have been made through the new education policy.


 Under the education policy of 1986, many regulations were functioning in higher education till now. Among them, University Grants Commission, All India Council for Technical Education, Architecture Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India, National Council for Teacher Education etc. are doing different work. But now in the new education policy, it has been decided to bring the entire higher education except law and medical education within the same regulatory.

Similarly, in the 1986 policy of education, undergraduate courses in higher education are of three years and post-graduation for two years. Apart from this, the course of MPhil can also be done. But under the new education policy, undergraduate courses have been reduced to three or four years. At the same time, one or two years of studies in postgraduate course will be required. At the same time, MPhil will be eliminated. Apart from this, now multilevel entry and exit system has been implemented in higher education. Under this, if the student wishes, he can leave the studies after one semester, one year, two years or three years. The student will be given a certificate on one year of studies, diploma on completion of two years of studies and degree on completion of three or four years of studies. After this, if the student wants to continue his studies after a gap of few years, then he will get admission from where he left his studies.


 Under the education policy of 1986, higher education has to be done in English but now it has been changed in the new education policy. Now in addition to Hindi and English languages, e-courses can also be done in eight regional languages.


 Board examinations have the highest importance under the 1986 education policy, but under the new education policy, an initiative has been taken to reduce the burden of board exams. Under this, the board examination can be divided into two parts, which can be objective and subject based. Subjects can be divided into difficult and simple.